Hosting webinars during the holidays?

The good news, I'm doing more webinars this year! That bad, I'm running out of dates. I normally block off the last two weeks in November and December for the holidays but am considering opening them. Do you host webinars during the holidays and if so, do you do anything different?

I think it really depends on your industry. Many of our clients (healthcare providers) close or have shortened office hours during the holiday so less time to join a webinar. We promote our on-demand version following the broadcast so this is a helpful way to extend the audience outside of the broadcast date.

As a B2B company, it is rarely worth it. We have a few industries that are very on-demand or service related that work around the holidays, but even then it can be hard to get people to show up.

I have done webinars up to mid December with very high audience registration/attendance. The latest I've done is Dec 14.

We will not host a webinar past mid December. There appears to be a fairly steep dropoff with attendees as it gets closer to the end of the month. People need to use vacation before the end of the year and/or complete projects. We just won't take a chance doing a webinar too late in the month, especially since our sponsors are paying to host one.

As several folks have said it does indeed depend on the sector one is in. So it goes back to that fundamental rule of sales which is first to know your target market, and their traits. Then if there is no reason why there woudl be any impediment in doing a webinar at odd times, holiday season or what not then you do it. I do not know your use of webinar - but onDemand is perfect for that environment. Serve it up with a 48 hour timeframe or the link expires and they miss out on the great content. Then let them access it when it suits them. It is not that 'catch all' attendees that you want but it will still reach an audience in what typically would have been a steer clear zone for most. Go for it.

I wouldn't have any webinars past the second week in December and definitely not until the second week of January. People are often trying to wrap up their work to go on vacation and don't usually have the time for webinars. However, if you are planning to promte the on-demand, it extends the life of your webinar.

For the most part we don't hold anything the week of Thanksgiving and try to have any follow up that week happen Monday or Tuesday. We stop running campaigns around the 14th or 15th of December. After that our efforts are much less effective.

We don't host webinars over the holidays because we woudn't be reaching our target audience. Our last webinar for the year is usually around the 2nd week of December and our first webinar of the new year usually takes place either the 3rd or 4th week of January (sometimes the first week of February).

We don't do webinars during Weds thru Monday of Thanksgiving week, sometimes we will do on that Monday or Tuesday and we have good results. For December we block usually after the 18th or 19th or so. THen hands off till 2nd week in January.

The way we deal with that is that we record the webinar before hand and schedule to send out the recording while we are on break. Push comes to shove, and we want a live webinar, we usually hold it the week before christmas at the very beginning of the week.

It really depends on the industry. On one hand, the holidays typically mean many folks are out on vacation. On the other, business can be slower than usual which allows employees to allot more time to consuming webinars.

We are doing the same as most people on here. No webinars during the end of Nov and Dec. We're using this time to get ready for the upcoming years schedule, but I'm wondering what other prep work or research we could be doing in that down time. Any suggestions?

As we get busier, those weeks end up getting booked. We have had success the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the week following thanksgiving. We have also done webinars as late as Dec.21. I have found that that will be okay as long as it is a topic that people have to know, sooner rather than later.

Mid December is also our cut off in Financial Services

Similarly - nothing until the 2nd week of January.

avoid holiday webinars. avoid the last 2 weeks of November and will only consider the first week of December.

The only webinar we do in the month of December is about regulatory information that are relevant to the industry (ie Insurance).

We typically take off the holidays for live webinars, but leave the on demand options available.

I'd also agree that it isn't worth it. We find it's better to double-book on the same day than it is to try to hold an event on an unfavorable time, day, or holiday.